Stamparatus training videos

  1. 5 Things to Know About the Stamparatus — This was the first video, in November 2016, introducing the Stamparatus.  It’s a good place to start; later videos will clarify some points.
  2. Why you need a Stamparatus — You’re probably convinced of this already!  This video from May 2017 has some additional details that are good to know.
  3. Stamparatus Technique Series: Video #1 Precision Placement — This February 2017 shows you how to place your multi-step photopolymer stamps on your project.
  4. Stamparatus Technique Series: Video #2 Aligning with Red Rubber Stamps — Tips on perfect placement of red rubber stamps, and a good demonstration of how to ink the stamps when on the Stamparatus plate.
  5. Stamparatus Technique Series: Video #3 Creating Patterns with the Hinge-Step Technique — Hinge-Step stamping is so neat!  Also note her cautions about the strength of the magnets and her advice about not stamping in the “corner” of the Stamparatus.
  6. Stamparatus Technique Series: Video #4 Stamping on Pre-Die Cut Pieces — This is the technique we have used in camp.  It’s perfect for creating multiples (Christmas cards, anyone?).
  7. Stamparatus Pressure — This is a great video, with lots of advice about where to position your stamps.  I appreciated all the demonstrations.