Heartfelt Inkspiration swap guidelines

Thanks for considering swapping at Inkspiration Saturday!  You may have several questions about card swapping: what to make, how many to bring, and how to swap.

First, remember that before the deadline, you must sign up to swap.  This will ensure that participants make the number of cards they will need to exchange.  I’ll advise you of the number within the week after registration closes.  I will not increase that number — that means no one can swap unless they let me know during registration.  If you don’t get an email or phone call from me with the swap number, either I made a mistake or you didn’t check the box on the registration form for swapping.

Following are some general guidelines for swaps.

The Card:

  • Design a full card (not just a front) using Stampin’ Up! stamps, card stock, ink and embellishments. There is no designated theme for this swap.  An envelope is not necessary, although it’s nice to include a non-standard size envelope if that’s what your card fits.
  • The rule of thumb on card swap designs is to make the kind of card you would like to receive in return. In other words, do your best work.
  • A swappable card usually includes at least two layers of card stock and an embellishment, like ribbon or brads. Including a technique is always a plus.
  • Once you’ve settled on your design, duplicate it. An assembly line works best. Cut all of your card stock first, then stamp all of your pieces, and finally assemble each card.
  • Make sure you include your name (and maybe even contact information) on a sticky note, in case someone wants to ask you how you made your card.

Swapping at Inkspiration Saturday:

  • ***NEW***  Before you start your day, be sure to post one of your cards on the swap board on the stage.  That way everyone, even non-swappers, can see what you’ve done!  If this display card is not an extra one, remember to take it down before the swapping begins.
  • You’ll be swapping during lunch (after eating).  There’s lots going on during that time, but there will be a designated area for swapping, and we will point you in the right direction.
  • When swapping, you will exchange one of your cards for one of someone else’s. Naturally, you will ooh and ahh over each other’s fabulous designs!
  • Once all of your cards are gone, your swapping is complete. At the end of the day you will go home with a stack of wonderful cards to send or duplicate!


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