What’s so great about cling stamps?

Before I went under the blogging Cone of Silence in mid December, I planned to tell you about Stampin’ Up!’s new “cling stamps” and why they are different from the red rubber stamps you currently affix to clear blocks. Those stamps, which are no longer being manufactured, were called “clear-mount stamps.”

Cling stamps are red rubber stamps. Inside the stamp case, you’ll find pictorial instructions that show you the assembly steps — it’s simple, and just the same as the way many stampers have been assembling clear-mount stamps for years.

To use a cling stamp, you’ll affix the image label to the back of the stamp and then press the label against a clear block. And then you’ll notice the difference! These stamps cling like crazy to clear blocks (and to the Stamparatus plates). No more using a little adhesive or lip balm (!) to keep the stamp in place — or even skipping using the label because the foam on the back of the stamp was pretty effective by itself.

However, because the image label is so sticky, once it’s on the stamp you must not move it or you’ll rip the foam. That means that when you remove a stamp from a clear block, you need to peel it off the block, not just lift it up.

So much for the blah, blah, blah — assembly and remove is much easier to understand when you see this Stampin’ Up! video:

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