Closed for Innovation Day

Yesterday, the Stampin’ Up! corporate offices were closed for “innovation day.”

Yes, closed.  Three weeks into the new catalog, closed.  Now, we could still place orders via our online system, but the support center was not available and even the Distribution Center had limited hours.


Innovation is one of the Stampin’ Up! values:  “We embrace the spirit of discovery by setting challenging goals, considering opportunities, emphasizing creativity, and having the courage to change as we strive to better our best.”

Several years ago, I participated in a Stampin’ Up! leadership session about innovation.  My first reaction to seeing it on my schedule was *yawn*; in my defense, it was right after lunch.  But it turned out to be one of the most exciting and, if you’ll pardon the overstatement, life changing workshops I’ve ever attended.  When I got home, I kept my notes on my desk for quite some time so I could refer to them and keep the concepts fresh.

Sometimes I wish I could go through that experience again.  Actually, I think leaders in many areas of life would benefit from talking about and implementing the “spirit of discovery.”

Throughout the day, I found myself thinking about what the employees — lots of them! — were talking about.  It made me think about my own life and business, too.

If you want to see all the Stampin’ Up! values and see why I love and respect the people of Stampin’ Up!, click the graphic above to download a pdf.

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