I don’t remember where I first saw this term, but I don’t think it had anything to do with ink.  I love the way it describes putting items in order of the colors of the rainbow:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  Some call that Roy G Biv.

For years I’ve kept my Stampin’ Up! inks and paper in order by families or collections.  But when I saw what rainbowetical organization looked like, it seemed amazingly fresh and exciting.  Here’s what my lateral file upper drawer looks like:

Debra Burgin | Stampin' Up! | Rainbowetical organization -- colors in Roy G Biv order!

It took me hours to set this up, along with my Color Caddy, but I love it.  I’ve rediscovered colors that had been languishing in a collection, passed over because I didn’t particularly care for their companions.  For sure, the Stampin’ Up! color revamp this year has given the whole palette a shot in the arm, but this is something special.

So how in the world did I decide how to organize these colors?  Why is Melon Mambo first, then paler pinks, then brighter reds, etc.?  I’ll admit that figuring this out myself would have kept me up at night, so I took the easy way out and used Stampin’ Up!’s Online Color Coach.  You may remember the color swatches we previously used; they were difficult to maintain as In Colors came and went each year.  Having a Color Coach online means it can be kept current.  I printed the pdf file (linked above) on Whisper White cardstock at the best quality so that the colors are as true as possible (without recalibrating my printer).  I rely on the Color Coach to help me with new color combinations.

By the way, buying this used file cabinet (thanks, Erika!) was one of the best things I ever did for my studio.  No more reaching into the depths of a drawer for paper or having plastic drawer units tip over because they were unbalanced when open.  The bottom drawer contains the neutral colors, In Colors, and specialty papers.


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4 Responses to Rainbowetical

  1. Cindi Copeland says:

    I was so glad they brought the Color Coach back this year! I tried printing mine at home but decided that I’d be happier if I had it done at Office Depot. Their printer is much better than mine! I have my cardstock in a file cart that rolls under my work table – very handy!

  2. sue says:

    Rainbowetical… such a fun word! I will try to work it into a conversation very soon and am thinking of how else I might use the concept here. Perhaps putting all the solid colored fabric in Rainbowetical order!

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