Thankful Thursdays #7

The timing of this particular Thankful Thursdays post is a little early.  I still have a few weeks to get this in, but at the risk of you moving on right this minute before I gush about his accomplishments or recount endless amusing stories, I have to say

I am thankful for Peter.

In the first year or two after he was born almost 7 years ago, a friend correctly observed that it was probably the best time of my life.  Never having raised any children, I loved everything about caring for him two or three days every week:  the singing together, the diapers, the games, the cuddling, the crying, the fatigue, the funny things he did — it was all so good.

As the youngest (and almost certainly last) grandchild, born when our lives were not consumed with working and church activities, he was the recipient of devoted time and energy.

His thirst for information and understanding has only accelerated since he started school last year.  I’m guessing he won’t be halfway through second grade before the entire knowledge base of his grandparents will be insufficient.  Still, we won’t be obsolete as long as there are laughs to share, encouragement to provide, and faith to foster.  I don’t expect that we will always be as close as we are now, so I’m grateful for the experience so far.

Last spring for the Minneapolis OnStage display, I made this 6″ x 6″ scrapbook page.  I’m looking forward to making a new one in another month or so!
I asked him these questions and wrote down exactly how he answered. I accented each bullet point with the now-retired Dazzling Details.

Do you need a refresher on creating this pleated rosette?  Find a tutorial here.

Gold Glitz Dazzling Details

Gold Glitz Dazzling Details

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