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Inkspiration Saturday was so much fun!  It was windy and rainy outside, but we were snug in a bright room with happy faces!

In their swag bag. participants found the Fast Fuse offer for World Card Making Day.  If you waited too long, you were disappointed (or mad) that Stampin’ Up! prevented customers from ordering Fast Fuse beginning early Thursday morning.  The demand was far, far beyond their forecast.  They said, “if we had kept going at the current rate, we would have sold through four years’ worth of inventory in 10 days!”

This is frustrating to everyone, but it doesn’t happen all that often.  And Stampin’ Up! will make this right by repeating the offer of two free Fast Fuse Refills with every purchase of a Fast Fuse Adhesive.  They have not announced when that 5-day offer will start.  We will be ready!

I’ve shared before the importance of “breaking” the adhesive so that when you lift the Fast Fuse from your paper you’re not pulling off a string of adhesive from the spool inside the applicator.  Wow, that was a long sentence and maybe you can’t picture what I mean.  Here’s a corporate video that shows:


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