Thankful Thursdays #2

Last week I learned that a dear friend of mine, one who has been stamping with me since I started Stampin’ Up!, has terminal cancer.  Selfishly, I am sad.  I’m not really sad for her; knowing that heaven awaits, she was beautifully serene when I visited her on Friday.

I’m thankful for my friends.

I wonder what people do who can’t share with someone else the heartaches and soaring joy and hysterically funny moments that are part of life on earth.  At least, they are part of my life.  Do men have friends like that?  Not that I have seen.

So this card is in the mail to my friend.  Strangely, it was knowing a former neighbor was dying that catapulted me into making cards many years ago.  I vowed she would receive one from me several times a week.  She never said anything — she was so very private — and I didn’t do it for the accolades, anyway.

I posted on the Heartfelt Inkspiration Facebook page that I would give my friend’s contact information if stampers would message me.  (That is, I won’t post it online.)  Can you help?

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