Thankful Thursdays #1

Welcome to Thankful Thursdays!  First, I need to tell you that there is no order to my list.  It’s random, it’s sometimes week-specific, and sometimes it might be a little silly.

This week has been a challenge, with one home issue after another.  The worst (so far) was Monday morning when the hard drive on my desktop computer died.  I quickly became convinced I was not going to resuscitate it, so off to Best Buy I went.

I’ve had a Carbonite subscription for several years, and it has earned my loyalty this week by rebuilding my user files.  In fact, it is still working — after over 60 hours.

It’s not just a new computer.  It’s the new keyboard, replacing one that I used for about 20 years.  It’s not easy to re-train my fingers; I don’t like it.  The old speakers no longer work.  I had to buy new MS Office software; I don’t like it.  Now try to get work done.  The DVD I’ve got, but where is the license for the old software I still need?

So, yes, a lot of whining.  And money.  And muttering under one’s breath.  And closed doors.  And maybe tears and exasperation and helplessness.

But we’re not in Houston.

The devastation there — are there any words that haven’t already been expressed that can convey my heartbreak?  My life hiccup is nothing.  All I can do is pray for renewal and hope and kindness and strength for the victims of the storm and those who are helping.  I’m donating to Samaritan’s Purse through Thrivent Financial, which will match my gift (the same as what I’ve paid for the new tech this week) because I am a member.

I’m thankful for my home.  It’s not perfect and of course it never will be.  But it’s safe and dry and cool and warm when we ask for that.

I’m sharing this card from July’s Splash of Inkspiration.  I was in love with a card by Sylwia Schreck and made some changes for the event.  Simply, we watercolored two panels of Watercolor Paper; one was cut with a Stitched Shapes die and the other stamped with the leaf image and die cut.  The detailed leaf die cut was cut from the center of the scalloped mat — why waste all that shine?

I’m sure I don’t have the color correct (you know, new photo editing tools), but I hope you get the idea.  It’s a fabulous card and worth replicating — we also made one in shades of green.

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