Confessions of a gullible cynic

Sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but I think it could describe me!  When I was catching up with our 20-yo super-geek grandson at Easter, he told me he was still working at Best Buy, full-time.  “Yeah,” he said, upon seeing my astonishment, “I quit college to work at Best Buy!”  And I believed him, at least for a second or two, until everyone had a laugh at my expense.  Well, he could have been promoted to regional manager, right?

On the other hand, I am suspicious of the promises of politicians and claims of companies trying to sell me something I’m already pretty sure I don’t need.  “Prove it,” is my challenge.

So it was when I first heard of Plexus, an Arizona-based company that calls itself “The Health and Happiness Company.”  In late March, a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator-friend posted about her weight-loss results using Plexus products.  I asked her to tell me more.

In fact, my stamping friend formed a small book club that read The Case Against Sugar.  Having already read Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, I shouldn’t have been surprised or shocked by the science and the statistics, but I was.  Horrified, really.

Now since I was in my teens so many years ago, I’ve been on plenty of programs to lose weight.  Some of them worked — and some were pretty wacky! —  but eventually I gained some or all of the weight back.  Candy was my nemesis — tasted so good but hurt me so badly, that poison!  Still, armed with enough information and determination and willpower, shouldn’t I be able to resist?  I was wary of a product that was supposed to help.

And then, with the safety net of a 60-day money back guarantee, I tried it.

Plexus has a product, Slim, that “features a premium microbiome activating formula that contains ingredients clinically-demonstrated to improve gut health and promote weight loss.”  And, they have the study to prove it.  And they have me to prove it, too!  Since I started taking Plexus products on April 2, I have lost over 14 pounds — over 12 of that just since May 3, when I decided I really needed to help the process.  My weight loss is not typical, and your results may vary.  (But you knew that!)

You may not know that the FDA does not regulate supplements — or baby formula, either!  Because of that, any claims I make as to my success with Plexus products must be accompanied by this disclaimer:  “*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

This week on my Facebook business page for Plexus, Ink & Pink, I’ll be talking about my results, not just in weight loss, but other health issues as well.  I’ll freely admit my Plexus fears and doubts and I’ll tell you which of my hopes were not fulfilled (so far).

Won’t you be my Ink & Pink Facebook friend?  I probably won’t be sharing much about Plexus here because my focus is on my Stampin’ Up! activities, but I’d love to see you there and talk.

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3 Responses to Confessions of a gullible cynic

  1. Pat says:

    Hey Debra,
    I’m interested in hearing more about Plexus Slim.
    I don’t do facebook.

    • Debra Burgin says:

      Pat, I am away from home and my PC right now, so I’ll do the best I can on my tablet!

      Slim is a powder you mix with water and drink 30 minutes before a meal. I drink my one packet before I eat breakfast (I think most Slim users take it then). You can take 2 a day, but I generally only take one.

      Slim promotes a healthy gut and helps you lose weight. I believe it decreases my sugar cravings — I would say my desire for sugar is virtually non-existent.

      I am not exercising.

      When I first started I was not at all careful about what I was eating. When I decided to work *with* Plexus instead of expecting a miracle, I weighed myself and logged my food for a couple of weeks. I saw clearly that I had some bad food habits, including eating between meals and portions that were not reasonable.

      I hope this link will explain the Slim product, and I’ll try to write more tomorrow.

    • Debra Burgin says:

      Pat, were you able to get some questions answered with the material I linked to? How else can I help? Is weight loss your main concern, or general health, or something else specific?

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