“Work together!”

On Sunday I had the opportunity to watch Peter play indoor soccer at the Y for the first time.  Like making valentines for Kindergarten, and because for several reasons we rarely saw the other grands play sports, I felt like it was something I’d been waiting my whole life to do.

Oh, the running, the flying hair, the red cheeks — and that was just  the coaches, one of whom is my stepson.  “Work together!  She’s on your team!  YOU’RE ON THE SAME SIDE!”  Words of wisdom for all of us, I’d say.

As for the players, ages 4-6, there was one lying on the floor with his arms crossed over his chest, another spinning around looking at the ceiling, and one (who may or may not share my last name) kicking towards the wrong goal.

After the victory (not that we’re keeping track), it was the perfect time for a nap in anticipation of a busy week.  Before my camera’s battery died, I was happy to get enough pictures for a scrapbook page for the display boards at OnStage in April.  So many exciting things are happening in the next six weeks, it just makes me smile!


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2 Responses to “Work together!”

  1. Jennifer says:

    “Herd” ball is what we like to call it. 🙂

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