Get ready for bear arms (part 1)

Haha!  I know you think this is a get-ready-for-spring fitness post and I’ve made an embarrassing grammar slip.  In truth, it’s about this card for the Kindergartner, which I snuck into his locker last week for a Valentine’s Day morning surprise:

I thought about other post titles (The right to bear arms, How to bear arms), but they seemed too provocative and I don’t want to make myself a target unnecessarily.

I didn’t intend to go patriotic with his valentine, but his favorite color is Pacific Point, and I happened to have this scrap of Watermelon in the box, and this is the result.  He noticed that I used a heart left over from our valentine making extravaganza.

A few weeks ago I showed you another bear holding a heart.  That was my first experiment with altering the arms so they appeared to be holding something, instead of stretched out from its body.  I’ve seen a technique of stamping the back side of each arm, then curling them forward, but my way is simpler and gives the same effect, I think.

But you’ll have to come back tomorrow for the pictures and instructions!

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One Response to Get ready for bear arms (part 1)

  1. sue says:

    So fun and I bet he loved it. Not girly at all 🙂

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