Really, how many floral sets does a person need?

Debra Burgin DL CongratsWhen we were drooling over browsing through the new catalog back in April in Salt Lake City, I flagged just about every new floral set I saw.  The reality, of course, is that I will not actually buy all of them.  As to the question in the post title, I wouldn’t even attempt to answer!

This card was another attagirl for a downline on her 11th anniversary.  I am sure of the colors I used (see below), but this photo doesn’t seem to agree.  In any case, this photopolymer stamp set is fun and simple to use; although the flower and leaves images are created with three stamps each, perfection is not the goal because of the watercolor feel.

I have several sticky-note masks of this flower attached inside the stamp case so I am ready on short notice to create something simple, like this card.  I added some Gold Glitz Dazzling Details in the center of the flower after I took this picture, which added a bit of color and exactly the right amount of bling.

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