A flourishing note

Debra Burgin A Flourish NoteWe’re in the middle of several sweltering, miserable days.  The humidity is 99% but we needed rain badly until a storm roared through last night.  You’d think after living my whole life in the same state and pretty much the same area, I’d be used to it.  And not complain.  You’d think that, wouldn’t you?  {{Hangs head}}

Even so I was glad to venture out of the comfy, cool, dry studio and head over to my Colonial House campers.  They have a common room with great lighting and the A/C and fans were very effective.   Plus, they’re great stampers and it’s always fun to be there!

Someone asked me last month to bring back the Big Shot, so I did for this card.  I love this big flourish stamp (and used it earlier this month in the Stamp Review Crew Flourishing Phrases blog hop).  I made an interesting discovery that explained the image’s appeal to me:  I have a similar Jacobean motif in my bedroom curtains and accessories and the drapes in the dining room.   If I looked, I’d probably find items in my closet like this, too!

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