Stamp Review Crew: Endless Birthday Wishes

Endless%20Birthday%20Wishes%20BannerEndless Birthday Wishes … that’s what it’s seemed like this month here, with lots of birthdays in our circle of family and friends!  So I’m happy to be part of the Stamp Review Crew blog hop this week featuring this stamp set.  Welcome from My Sandbox — Nikki’s fabulous blog.  (If you need to find her again, click on the banner at the top of any blog on this hop and you’ll end up at the list of hoppers this week.)

There’s a funny story about this card, but you’ll have to come back tomorrow to hear it.  Suffice it to say this was not supposed to be a card about a chocolate and mint ice cream cake.  Those are two flavors I love (Girl Scout cookies, anyone?), and I would be saying “yippee” over and over if someone put this in front of me with a fork and a napkin, but it wasn’t really my vision for this hop.  Tomorrow.

Debra Burgin Chocolate Mint CakeUntil then keep on hopping with a visit to Wickedly Wonderful Creations to see what Wendy has cooked up for you!

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7 Responses to Stamp Review Crew: Endless Birthday Wishes

  1. Yapha says:

    I love chocolate and mint, and now I’m super curious about the story behind it! I guess I’ll have to come back tomorrow…

  2. Mmmmm chocolate and mint work for me too! Fun birthday card!

  3. Dawn Tidd says:

    Those flavors work for me too! I love this, really! Is that envelope paper I spy on the background. It’s perfect!

  4. Nikki Spencer says:

    Ok..So now l want choc/mint ice Love the scattered “Yippee” sentiment and the envelope paper works perfectly…See you tomorrow!

  5. Mint chocolate ice cream for breakfast pretty please 🙂 This card is so cute and I like how you used the envelope paper! Can’t wait to hear the story about this.

  6. Great card! It totally gives off that chocolaty mint flavour! Makes a great guy card too!

  7. Adriana says:

    Chocolate mint?! Looks and sounds delicious 🙂

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