The good news is …

… it’s not The Monia.  That’s what our grandson told his mother, reporting on my doctor visit early yesterday morning.  Not that I was talking directly to him when I was updating Grandpa on the results, of course, but if my head had been clearer I would have noticed the attentive little boy and been prepared to hear my words quoted (sort of) later.

Poor Grandpa.  He tried to pick up the slack, but he just doesn’t have the patience for the constant chatter.  So it was still my job to field every question and followup, including how wolves and foxes eat deer.  This, right before lunch.

Sometimes I could become hysterical at these extended discussions.  Without the experience of raising children, I’m always gingerly feeling my way along that thin line between The Whole Truth and Good Enough Truth.

Anyway, it’s not pneumonia, just bronchitis.  And that is good news.

I love my little Sugar Pie!

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8 Responses to The good news is …

  1. Cindy Elam says:

    So glad it’s NOT the monia! We know how bad that can be!!!

    • Debra says:

      I’m happy I’ve never had it, but I do seem to get a bad case of bronchitis every year. This just didn’t go away. Now that’s enough for the rest of the season!

  2. Jane Dargatz says:

    Glad it’s not ammonia, either! No one would want to be around you, but you might have sparkling windows! Feel better!

  3. Shel Anderson says:

    Glad your ok…..feel better and boy oh boy what a cute grandbaby!

  4. Lidia says:

    He is such a joy! Just like Vivienne ❤️They are pure love

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