At the fair

An annual tradition! #sandwichfair

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It has been our tradition for the past 4 years for us to take Peter to the Sandwich Fair by ourselves. My husband works as a kind of docent in one of the display buildings (Antiques and Collectibles, how perfect is that?), so Peter and I do some preliminary exploring before Grandpa’s shift is done.  The men always ride Otto’s Train, a hand-machined engine and several cars, that has been running for 50 years, I believe.

I have to say that the modern Ferris Wheel, full of safety features, was a disappointment.  “Be sure to hold him tight,” DH warned unnecessarily.  No hanging legs, no open view, no rocking — what’s the point?

After Grandpa headed home for a meeting, Peter and I made our way toward my car, stopping to go through the swine barn (“I can hardly wait to smell pig poop, Grandma!”).  What a boy; I love him to pieces.

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4 Responses to At the fair

  1. Sally Estes says:

    They have the same smile!

  2. Sally Estes says:

    And I agree with you on the Ferris Wheel… If your feet don’t dangle, what IS the point?

  3. jennifer taylor says:

    Pig Poop! I bet that was the highlight!

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