2014 Black Friday trip

Debra Burgin Bonneyville MillsYou may know that DH and I almost always leave town the day after Thanksgiving.  Sometimes we don’t go far and usually we don’t stay away overnight.  We almost never get involved in the Black Friday madness!  (I’m grateful Stampin’ Up! extended their promotion so I could shop early.  And more than once.)

Since our October trip to NE Indiana was shorter than originally planned, we decided to go back.  It was a wonderful weekend in all ways.  We made a point of doing things we don’t normally do there — like seeking out this mill in Bristol.  It was bitter cold, but so beautiful I couldn’t resist the picture.  Looks like a Christmas card, doesn’t it?

141201 Setting up the barnMonday Grandpa and Peter set up the manger scene.  Peter insisted that all people and animals (“They are not ‘characters,’ Grandpa.”) be put in the “barn.”  Not a problem; I am sure they are not in their permanent positions anyway!  There is much warning and seriousness about the handling of these vintage items.  Some still have their 29¢ price tag on the bottom, but we found one shepherd while antiquing somewhere.  Our set is incomplete, but the scene still manages to convey the story.

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2 Responses to 2014 Black Friday trip

  1. sue says:

    Well, the picture of the mill would make a fabulous traditional kind of Holiday greeting but the second picture would be a perfect Christmas Card.

  2. Cookie says:

    I love the picture of ‘Grandpa & Peter’. That would be a lovely Christmas card and I’m sure it’s made a memory for Peter that will always be there, especially when he get’s older…. thx for sharing

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