The secret, revealed!

Debra Burgin Curvy Keepsake Pine Cone backI have been living at an above-average pace for several weeks now, so when I awoke yesterday to the prospect of a day of fun with Peter and no pressing responsibilities, I barely knew how to behave.  We played Investigator (him) and Assistant (me) to try to find my car keys, missing since I put the car in the garage Saturday afternoon; we built a network of train tracks from three sets of dominoes across the family room and under furniture; we played Papa Fox (him) and Baby Kit (me) for a long, long time under the bedspread; he produced an amazing number of punchies from the Envelope Punch board and, in the grand finale, placed my stamp sets end-to-end across the studio; and we played King (him) and Coachy Fun Restaurant before Mama finally came and I had to cover the boy in enough kisses to last a week.  It was a lovely day.

I thought I should let you know that I made a strategic error when I made the Curvy Keepsake Box you saw in this past weekend’s Stampin’ Addicts Winter Holiday Blog Hop.  After I took the picture, I realized that in order to turn the light off inside, I’d need to untie the bow.  And I had spent so much time on that bow!  What I should have done to begin with is what I did after I disassembled to box:  punch a hole in the side opposite the vellum window so the tealight could be inserted and removed.  (Mark the circle on the inside of the box, however!)  If these boxes are made for a bookshelf or mantel, no one will know; if these are table favors for a holiday meal, well ….

We’ll be making another Curvy Keepsake Box in October’s stamp camps.  Many stampers must be equally crazy about this Thinlits, as it is backordered for a few days.  Hang in there — and keep dreaming up fabulous projects for it!

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2 Responses to The secret, revealed!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Did you ever find your keys?

    • Debra says:

      No, can you believe it? I’ve looked in the fridge and freezer, in case they were in my hand when I started thinking about supper — ? We didn’t do much after we got home, so where in the world are they?

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