The weekend hop: a 4-letter word starting with B

No, not a blog hop, but a barn hop!  Saturday was a perfect day to tool around the county admiring some old barns, learning their histories, and hearing stories from the owners and volunteers.

I very nearly didn’t make it past the first stop, a huge barn in which every nook and cranny was filled with old stuff — for sale.

TransferwareIn the end (partly because no one was encouraging me), I had to acknowledge that a photo involved less storage and less dusting than accumulating more stuff.  For now, anyway.

Barn windowWe haven’t been to Josie’s  for many years — the last time we were there, snow was sifting down through the barn roof!  It was freezing cold in there, except where it was steaming hot near the huge pot-bellied stove.  Josie’s has been recently reorganized; the stove was nowhere to be seen, but I was being gently pushed to move on to the next barn so perhaps I overlooked it.  I think I’ll go back when the weather is sunny and crisp and see (for myself) if there are treasures that must come home with me …


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  1. sue says:

    Great pictures!

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