Work and play

Yesterday morning we went to the park — in sweatshirts!  This week Peter is confident to climb the rock wall by himself (and so quickly!) so my job as spotter has mostly ended.  After lunch and some quiet time for the adults, it was time to get to work.  That’s not always appealing to a little boy, but since this involved water and climbing Grandpa’s vintage ladder, squeaky and jiggly, there were no complaints.  What a little mountain goat!

140702 Washing shuttersThen it started to rain a bit, at which point we monkeyed around in the garage and gave him an umbrella so he could run out and do weather checks.

140702 Rainman 2Shortly we spied our neighbor across the street heading our way with something in her hand.  Now Melba is very good to us, and sometimes there is a toy in her hands, but yesterday it was cookies.  That made for a perfect end to the day, with the adults talking and Peter splashing through the little bit of water as we sang songs with lots of verses.  Around and around he went.  How he can resist a nap, I don’t understand.

Anyway, today is baking day.  Not only do I have to bake ahead for camp and our hospice (which periodically brings goody bags to families under their care), but I’ll put together a bag for Melba and our next door neighbors, too.  I just may tie on this tag, from a few years ago.  You can see the original post, with a recipe, here.

Debra Burgin Uncle Sam Tag


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