3 tips to get your stamping space ready for spring

Somehow, down some cyber rabbit hole, I landed at the article 3 Tips to Get Your Studio Ready for Spring at the Artist’s Network blog.  Now I don’t consider myself an artist, and poking around this blog made me feel unworthy, but I did find the 3 Tips interesting to think about.  You can read the whole post for yourself, but here’s my summary:

  1. Choose, Purge, and Let It Go!  I hear the I’ve-got-so-much-stuff-I don’t-even-know-what-I’ve-got-anymore comment pretty regularly.  If it helps, enlist a stamping buddy to help you identify, sort (save/give/toss), and re-store your supplies.
  2. Wall Yourself In  This isn’t a suggestion to lock yourself in a closet until you make a card, Missy!  Rather, the author encourages us to surround ourselves with the things that inspire us.  Music?  Scent?  A change of wall color?
  3. Change Your Perspective  Is your stamping routine stale?  Change the way you begin the process (try a cup of tea) or even where you sit at your work table.

Which of these tips could you implement?

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One Response to 3 tips to get your stamping space ready for spring

  1. sue says:

    Great post! I have chosen the Choose, Purge, Let it Go option and yesterday sent home five yards of fabric with my newbie quilting neighbor. Woo Hoo!

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