Mom’s Coconut Bars

Debra Burgin Coconut BarsI have made this recipe for Mom’s Coconut Bars hundreds of times in my life, always to rave reviews.  It’s a favorite treat at stamp camp.  It is also known as Funeral Bars, because when I am asked to provide food for a funeral luncheon at church, I know I always have the ingredients on hand.  (Plus, the committee asks for these by name!)  Interestingly, my mother claimed never to have tasted these and asserted that the recipe hadn’t come from her.  So to some mother, somewhere, thanks!

Click the picture above or the recipe below for a printable version.

Debra Burgin Coconut Bars Recipe

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One Response to Mom’s Coconut Bars

  1. sue says:

    I don’t remember these but I l-o-v-e coconut so I had better try them! Perhaps they should be called Maybe Mom’s Coconut Bars?

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