The cutting room, part 2

I can see I’m not the only one with a lot going on right now — my Facebook feed is pretty sparse and so is my blog roll.  Things are happening, but not too many people are posting about them!

Yesterday was my first camp of the month.  This one was at home, so there was a lot of cleaning going on over the weekend — because there has been a lot of stamping going on!  It’s amazing how cluttered the tables can get, and I’m pretty sure the mess of creating would fill whatever space allotted.

I was reading about a goldsmith who creates jewelry in her bedroom using a small workbench and tools affixed to a large magnetic strip on the wall above.  It made me remember where I first started stamping and how quickly my supplies spread to other rooms.  That was before I bought my Big Shot and quickly began accumulating dies and embossing folders.

So I know that I’m very blessed to have an area to hold that sort of … stuff.  I wrote about the cutting room here, but here’s the “before” picture of the space:

3125402_17Here’s what it looked like “before” the camp yesterday:

Debra Burgin Cutting room #2The counter was part of our old kitchen at the old house; the front of it rests on two cabinets from Target.  The cabinets are pretty shallow, so there are pipes screwed in underneath that hold up the back edge very securely.  The vintage cabinet got installed a few weeks ago; someone had been invited over, and that provided the push to finish more things.  I feel comfortable stocking it with heavy items — I am confident this will never fall off the wall!  I bought the cabinet several years ago for $17 and it sat in the old garage collecting dust (which covered a layer of guilt because it clearly didn’t have a place in the old house and I had no business buying it in the first place!).  Part of my Santa collection is displayed inside.

The studio was so clean Saturday night that I couldn’t go to sleep fighting the desire to go down and start working again!  I’m designing projects for January’s camps, swaps for Leadership (less than a month away!), and our upcoming annual Pay-It-Forward Benefit stamp camp in early February.  So fun!

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