A working space

Debra Burgin Desk #1Most of my business-type work is done in the office upstairs, but some I do at this antique desk in the studio.  I bought this oak desk 30+ years ago, one of my first antiques purchases.  It makes me laugh to think that it served as my only desk for a time, but that was pre-computer and all the requisite accessories and supplies.  When we bought this house, the desk was one of many “put it in the basement” items, which means it didn’t have a firm destination.  (After all, we did downsize, at least in theory!)

This wall is against the stairway; the green louvered doors hide storage under the stairs and were recently painted to cover the lively pink favored by the former homeowner.  The bentwood chair, according to (my) family lore, came from an ice cream store in the neighborhood where my parents first lived; my father refinished it.  I’m so grateful to have it!

Debra Burgin Desk #2My younger sister gave me the clay pot covered with glass stones and broken china.  The framed picture is a Santa made from handmade paper.  I can’t remember where I got the corncob reindeer, but it’s perfect for the corn country we live in!  The oil lamp is one of many that DH had collected over years and years.  That collection absolutely did get downsized, but I love this graceful one that used to be in our guest room and refused to give it up.

I took these pictures just yesterday and already we’re talking about a slight rearrangement.  Monday is childcare day; sometimes we play downstairs (including with some of my stamping supplies), but I didn’t get down to the studio until after supper.  I lit the fire for a half hour to take a bit of the chill away (OK, the truth is I love the effect), then got to work tidying up from yesterday’s blog hop.  Can you tell I love this space?

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  1. Sally says:

    It is a lovely space. So wonderful for you to enjoy and work from home. I’m so glad you invite others to enjoy it with you!

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