Long and lovely days

This September has been one of the most beautiful I can remember.  The weather is perfect for me (starting and ending just a bit chilly) and the changing light in the house is a delight to experience.

I will say that I miss the bit of natural light I had in the old studio, from three windows near the ceiling.  That’s really all I miss about that basement; I love working here, especially now that I am elbow-deep in preparation for this weekend’s Super Saturday event.  Cutting, labeling, typing, packing — it’s a big job, but an enjoyable one.

When I was designing my cards, I tried one color combination after another before I found the right mix.  I looked at the discards and was amazed to see this beautiful mix:

Debra Burgin SS colorsI am so excited about this Saturday — and the next week, when for the first time we take Super Saturday “on the road” to Oregon.

Meanwhile, don’t go away; it’s a busy fall with lots to share!

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