The cutting room, part 1

I’ve had people asking about the “settling” of the new studio, so I thought I’d start the tour.

I’ve told the story of House 1.0 many times, but here’s a review:  The finished area of the basement in this house seemed to be the party room.  The lighting was poor (and yet nearly all the lights were on a master dimmer!), there are outlets near the ceiling (for disco balls, perhaps?), there was a bar with a concealed liquor cabinet in the wall, and the carpeting — dingy at best — was full of loose, glittery confetti.  Yes, a little creepy.  And there’s much, much more.

But, as our Realtor said (with some amazement), we had a vision of what the space could become, beginning with the kitchenette off the main area:

3125402_17Assuring everyone who asked that I would most certainly not need the stove for canning, we decided to make this a storage area for off-season clothing.  Luckily, however, both DH and I came to the decision separately that it was more practical for this to be part of the stamping area.  And I knew just how I would use it.

Debra Burgin Cutting room #1(This is across from where the stove was.)  The “cutting room” is about 7½ ft wide x 6 ft deep.  This piece of furniture was rescued decades ago by DH from a bank doing some remodeling.  It originally had a marble top (which is why it’s now covered with a rag rug).  It’s heavy even without a marble top, and also heavy with punches in the drawers, which is how I have used it ever since my punches outgrew my rolling plastic drawers.  The movers (who assured me I didn’t need to empty it) really labored to get it up the stairs of the old house and down the stairs here.  And then we moved it again after they left (after removing the drawers).  Because we threw out or moved the miscellaneous stuff that had been in this, I still have half the drawers to fill.

The little chest of drawers on top was from a vintage store in our town; I’m helpless to resist those drawer pulls and I totally missed the fact that it was not an old piece, it was from Pottery Barn.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that!  It holds … nothing!  The drawers are too small for dies or embossing folders.  But it’s cute!

On top of that, I hold my Thinlits and other thin dies in an old sewing cabinet drawer that my sister sent me.  I love the curved back.  Not surprisingly, my die collection is outgrowing that space.  For many people, that would be a sign to stop buying — I can’t understand that!  Embossing folders are in a smaller sewing cabinet drawer on that 12 x 12 white shelved box (which holds large-size original dies, rulers, etc.).  Sizzlits are stored in a wooden cheese box up there, too.

So there you have it.  I love the way this area looks and functions.  When we decide what goes on the opposite wall, I’ll continue the tour of the Cutting Room!

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2 Responses to The cutting room, part 1

  1. sue says:

    Fab! And doesn’t that floor look wonderfu!?!

  2. Brenda in IN says:

    The hardwood floor is beautiful. Both of the wood cabinets are great. Love, love, love drawers. I have two little bitty drawers like the top cabinet. I keep small acrylic blocks in one and foam ranger pads in the other. It sits on my desk so it is handy.

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