Move day

130812 Moving #1I won’t bore you with stories about the move Monday, but I wanted to share at least one picture with you.  At first glance this guy appears to be taking three boxes back into the house (a scene from a recent bad dream!), but if you check his shoes you see he’s headed in the right direction.

But — three boxes!!!  (And two of them from Stampin’ Up!, not that that’s any indication of the contents, of course.)  There were boxes I packed that I could barely shove to the side to make room for more boxes.  On some I wrote Heavy, and on others Very Heavy.  And here’s this young man with three of them.  Everybody (including us) worked so hard.  OK, they worked harder, but I’ll bet I slept better!

I’m so happy to be in the new house — silent and serene despite the disarray!

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3 Responses to Move day

  1. Brenda in IN says:

    Congratulations on your new home! It is exciting and such hard work. Can’t wait to see the new craft room all set up. Probably setting up sleep quarters and kitchen will be a priority, however stampers know how important it is to fix up the studio!! Wish I could help you.

  2. Sally says:

    Silent and serene. :). I’m sure you will not miss being between the traffic and the trains! I used to live in a townhouse in the Knolls right next to the train tracks. I didn’t realize how much they bothered me until I moved to this neighborhood. Now I can only faintly hear them on a weekend morning when the house is silent.

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