My new BFF

If you have gotten the impression that I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning at the new house, you’re right.  But it’s not everyday freshening up, it’s scrub-the-grime-off-the-light-switch type of cleaning.  Not just the switch plate, the switch, where ON and OFF are cleverly embossed in order to capture dirt so effectively.  And more gross stuff that I won’t go into further.

My stamper friend Darlene, a professional house cleaner, uses something like this and shared it with me when we started to clean the kitchen.  But I couldn’t find it in any store until I was in Home Depot in Utah and saw this Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber.  Correctly anticipating I’d need all the suitcase space I had for Convention goodies, I didn’t buy it then.  I would have saved myself several stops if I’d looked online to find retailers who carry it locally, which would be our Target.

Now I’m no June Cleaver (never mind how I sound), but I love love love this!  Oh, and get the Grout Brush while you’re at it.

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