The new stamping space — so far

130726 basement AFTERYou may remember my post from about a month ago on my stamping space in our new house.  I took this shot last week and posted both the before and after pix on Facebook.  Since then the wall on the right side is being painted a pretty blue (Tidewater by Sherwin-Williams), as is the space through the (still pink) swinging doors.  The plans for that space (formerly a kitchenette) have changed a bit; now I think it will be stations for cutting and Big Shot work.  There’s also a full bath in that area, also blue.

I was hoping the floors would be installed while I was at Convention in Salt Lake City, but there was actually little work done that week (except by DH, who was busy painting closets).  The floor here was recommended because of potential water issues (not that there have been any at this house, but we’ve been down that … river … before).  It’s Armstrong’s Luxe Plank Vinyl flooring in Sugar Creek Maple Natural.  You can tell how it brightened up the space, but that was also accomplished by cleaning the light fixtures and replacing the 60W bulbs with 100W CFLs.  (Scrubbing off years of dirt and dust and replacing dim lighting have been very satisfying tasks for me, and the transformation is gratifying!)

One thing I haven’t resolved is where to put my own stamping area.  I can be somewhat untidy, and I don’t want to spoil this beautiful space!

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2 Responses to The new stamping space — so far

  1. Kelly W. says:

    Debra, this is beautiful! Love the differences you’ve made. The flooring is perfect and really brightens the space. What a great area you’ll have to do your crafts in. Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Sally says:

    Very pretty! I can’t wait to come stamp here:)

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