Framelits storage

Here’s the way I re-package my Framelits so they stay together and in place:

Debra Burgin Framelits #1

    • Cut the cover sheet in half and toss the back half.  (Framelits’ directions for use are pretty intuitive, but if you need a language other than English and Spanish — the ones on the front side — cut them out and adhere to the front.)  Mark the number of Framelits on this sheet, since this information is on the piece you just discarded!

Debra Burgin Framelits #2

    • Carefully peel off the Framelits from the sticky tape on the card stock.  Clean tape residue from the Framelits with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball.
    • Adhere the sticky side of the card stock to the back of the cover sheet to give it more stability (or use a scrap piece of card stock).

Debra Burgin Framelits #4

    • Cut a magnetic sheet (this is from WalMart) the same size as the cover sheet (5⅛” x 6¼”).  Peel off the backing and adhere the magnet sheet over the card stock.

Debra Burgin Framelits #3

    • Re-assemble the Framelits on the magnetic sheet and store in plastic envelope.  Note that the name of the Framelits set is at the top of this envelope.

Debra Burgin Framelits #5

  • I store these upright in the drawer of a vintage sewing machine cabinet, but **cough** my collection of Framelits is outgrowing my storage!
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