“Have a nice twip!”

I heard this from The Toddler during our Garage Game.  It goes like this:

  1. I am in the yard, Peter is in the garage.  Perhaps he is putting my wooden clothespins into the pipes that fit together to make the pole for the clothesline.  Or he may be “washing” my car with “the orange thing” — the foam kneeling cushion.
  2. Even though the overhead door is open, I hear the rattling of the knob on the side door.  He has as much trouble opening this door as I do because the knob unit is loose, broken, whatever.  Replacing it has been on the Honey Do list for about 10 years.
  3. I open the door from the outside and pretend I am surprised to see him standing in the garage.  “No, Gwamma, waychoo go outside.”  The word waychoo confused me for weeks until it occurred to me that he was saying “why don’t you….”  Now I say it that way, too, to DH, as in “Waychoo start the grill and I’ll be out with the salmon in a bit” or “Waychoo pull into that gas station so I can get some pop.”  See how it works?  You’re bossing someone around using a funny word!
  4. I close the door, but not all the way.
  5. I knock on the door.
  6. Peter opens it, then comes out.
  7. We wave and say bye-bye.
  8. Then we change places and repeat the game.  Over and over.

Except the last time he said “Have a nice twip!” at which I had to choke back a laugh.  When his mother came to pick him up we sat around talking about the weekend (“No, Mama, waychoo sit dare”) I learned they had said goodbye to friends who were returning to Africa.  He probably heard the phrase over and over from other people at church.

So anyway, we did have a nice trip — leaving Tuesday morning for a short visit to northeast Indiana to our favorite B&B in Nappanee.  These were the only two consecutive days on the calendar with nothing scheduled (that couldn’t be rescheduled, anyway), so we went.

Sorry to babble on — it was just really, really good to get away for a little break from reality.

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3 Responses to “Have a nice twip!”

  1. sue says:

    Ha! Love it!

  2. Such a sweet story. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sally says:

    I love your stories! You are so blessed to have Peter in your lives!

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