Every day is an adventure

130429 Peter in the garden #1We’ve been wrestling with whether to plant our vegetable garden this spring, as we very well could move before any harvest.  (I pray!)  But DH planted two raised beds of peas and one of green beans and a couple rows of lettuce anyway, just because it’s what we do.

Our garden went through some variations before we hit on the right combination of critter deterrents.  Now we have nine raised beds (about 4 x 9 feet each) surrounded by wire fencing.  Deer have jumped the 4-foot fences — it’s both amazing and bothersome, but they don’t linger and I actually admire their determination.  The soil in the beds is beautiful from years of amendments (compost and shredded leaves).  I had a dream the other night that I put my entire arm straight down into one of the beds to show a prospective buyer.

So yesterday, a perfect spring day, nearly the first words from Peter’s lips when he woke from his nap were, “Gwampa needs help.”  And so out we went, digging and watering and weeding and exploring.  I love this.  I never imagined that I’d be explaining the difference between a cord and a hose to a toddler, or that I’d be touching bugs because he told me “Gwamma touch it!” or that we would be laughing at a goose standing on the roof of our neighbor’s two-story house.

And so instead of packing or stamping, I was on an adventure with Peter.  I hope you have adventures in your life, too!

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  1. Sally says:

    What a wonderful adventure! Thank you for sharing:)

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