Away we go!

For saleWe hope so, anyway.  After a few months of discussion (and some sleeplessness and tears), our house is on the market.  When the sign went out yesterday evening and I ran out to document the event, my emotions were mixed.  This is nearly the only home I’ve lived in for my entire married life of 26½ years, but it’s exciting to think about a different home.  Right now all we know is that we won’t be going far.

I’ll spare you most of the play-by-play description, except to say that — knowing for the past few weeks that we were going to take the leap — we have been doing serious cleaning and purging.  I keep a list of deadlines:  clothing needs to go to Salvation Army this Thursday and board games, etc., need to be packed or at the curb for Friday’s pickup.  We ask everyone to save boxes.

After last week when we mostly didn’t eat supper together, I was grateful for last night’s quiet evening at home.  The task at hand, one I have avoided for years, was to go through folders and baskets of “interesting things.”  Unfortunately there are two of us here who clip and stash.  I save articles, comics, recipes, tips, pictures of decorating ideas, quotes — it goes on and on.  I’m pleased to say that I tossed most recipes but embarrassed to admit there were so many.  Since I’ve been pinning recipes, I find I am experimenting much, much more than I did before, and I feel confident that if I ever want to make an easier version of Beef Bourguignon, I’ll be able to find several dozen recipes online.

I saved some ordinary letters from my mother but tossed old technology articles.  I re-filed our grandchildren’s drawings but recycled receipts from vintage glassware I’ve collected over the years.  I saved scrapbooking ideas to translate into My Digital Studio layouts but threw away big swatches of the original wallpaper in this house.  I kept articles on faith but discarded anything with the word diet or fitness in the title.

I was surprised how many things I had kept were still funny, poignant, or appealing.  I still loved the pillows, tablescapes, and paint combinations.

I’ve never been able to break myself of this clipping habit.  Yes, it’s easier (and greener) to pin or bookmark.  But I can’t really feel all that bad, especially after I found this quote in my stash:  “The cure for boredom is curiosity.  There is no cure for curiosity.”  (Ellen Parr)

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2 Responses to Away we go!

  1. Aww! With all those emotional ups and down, I’m sure you made the right decision. … I’m a clipper, too, and have lots of recipes I haven’t tried yet. Many years ago I kept the “vertical files” for our public library. Remember those??? You made me laugh when you wrote you were discarding articles pertaining to fitness and diet. … I hope your transition goes smoothly!

  2. Sally says:

    I just love your blog! I love that you have mostly card technique and design, but that you share a few personal stories now and then. Wishing you well for your journey. Let me know if you need any help with anything.

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