Tuesday Tip: Ribbon Storage

Did you read Stampin’ Up!’s Messy Monday tip yesterday about ribbon storage?  Click the picture below to read more; basically the concept is storing spools on a lipped shelf.  You may have seen ribbon in plastic gutters mounted on a wall — it’s the same idea.

Stampin’ Up! Messy Monday 4/8/13

As cool as that looks, I couldn’t leave all that ribbon out because of the, well, potential for dust and disarray.  Keeping all those ends even?  All the spools upright?  Mmm, I just don’t think it could happen here.

So instead, I’ll share again my ribbon tip here.  How do you control your stash?

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One Response to Tuesday Tip: Ribbon Storage

  1. Sally says:

    I’m out of control. It’s all over…

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