And on the subject of spring …

Bunny joyThis card is even older than yesterday’s — from my first year as a demonstrator nearly 8 years ago.  I was starting to feel as though I could really watercolor.

Here in north-central Illinois we are finally starting to experience spring.  Even though the pond (lagoon) across the street from our house is still pretty well crusted over with ice, the geese are walking around in pairs.  Soon we’ll see them cross the highway (look out, drivers!) and perhaps honeymoon in our yard, along with some ducks.  Not sure what the attraction is over here, as we have neighbors’ dogs on the loose all day, but it’s fun to see them.  Bunnies, too.  We made the spring patrol around our very soggy yard the other day and saw plenty of evidence of all kinds of wildlife who had visited during the winter.

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