Tuesday Tip: The Signo Gel Pen

Alcohol snipLast week I showed you my camp Chalkboard Wishes card.  Although I’ve seen people creating the outline with a Watercolor Pencil, I chose to use our Signo Gel Pen.

One of the issues people have with a pen like this is that it seems to dry up so quickly.  However, I think the reason it stops writing is that the “ink” (which seems more like a paint) crusts over the tip.

Of course, first check to see if the pen is empty!  If it isn’t, try rubbing the tip (scribbling) on a alcohol pad.  That breaks through the crust and restores the tip.  If I don’t have a pad handy, I scribble on my fingertip, which usually gives the same result.

I didn’t really mind the skipping of the pen for the chalkboard card, as it added to the effect.  But for a technique like Faux Stitching, keep this tip in mind!

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