Snowy and blowy

101338537.jpg.rendition.pIt’s late at night and so very, very quiet except for little ticking noises as the snow hits the windows.  Almost no one is one the road.  If my husband was not sound asleep and would look out the window, he’d be fussing about getting out and clearing the driveway.  I say, it will be there in the morning.  Just more of it.

We’ve had sharp, sunny days a few times the last couple of weeks that make me anxious for spring.  The changing light — earlier and later, hooray! — makes me look at my home differently.  Makes me see things I’ve overlooked the past few months.  (How did all those scuffs get on the walls in the back entry?)   Time to freshen up my life.

And my crafting, too.  My March Better Homes and Gardens came the other day; no opening it until I finish February’s and put it in the recycling bin.  Last month was too busy for recreational reading, so I’m surprised at what I’ve missed.  The color ideas are just terrific!

If you’ve never looked at their Home | Color section, you should.  The image above is from the BGH web site, but you’ll find similar palettes each month.  Some of them are so easy to translate into a card or scrapbook layout.

If your weekend keeps you hunkered down inside, why not mix up the colors in your life?  I’ll meet you back here on Monday with a report from my efforts!

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One Response to Snowy and blowy

  1. sue says:

    After being at your house in December, I realized how much I miss BH&G for this very thing, freshening up color. It’s good to be looking everywhere for inspiration!

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