Spiced Cranberry-Almond Party Mix

from the SCJohnson Family Economics blog

Need a snack for the holiday gatherings this week and next?  Try Spiced Cranberry-Almond Party Mix, from SCJohnson.  Yes, the cleaning people.  I know.  But the Family Economics Blog has really useful stuff, including this fabulous recipe (see other recipes under Food for Thought).

This mix feels healthier than my traditional party mix, which starts with a pound of butter and adds lots and lots of salt.  (I love it, but I avoid it.)  I’ve made several batches this month to rave reviews, so I’m not the only one who likes the sweet/spicy combo.  It’s pretty, too!  I’ll let you look up the recipe on the SCJohnson site, but you might benefit from my experience:  after I burned the first batch in my 1000-watt microwave, I reduced both cooking times to 1½ minutes.

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