The long road home

Please excuse me for a few days as I grieve and celebrate the passing of my mother from Alzheimer’s Disease yesterday.  It was 8 years ago today that she was diagnosed.

I want to say, “she lost her battle” with Alzheimer’s, but believe me that my mother was no match for it.  There’s no battle with an opponent like that.  Healthy?  Not good enough.  Active?  Sorry.  Alzheimer’s strips you from the inside out, leaving you like a withered pod.

Love each other — really well — while you can.

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9 Responses to The long road home

  1. So sorry for your loss! Praying for you and your family.

  2. Jill says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss. Take your time, remember all the good times.
    All my prayers and thoughts go with you.

  3. Shel Anderson says:

    So very sorry Debra. Hugs to you from Winnipeg. Thinking of you and your family.

  4. Theresa says:

    So sorry for your loss.
    We expect our mothers to be there for us always.
    No matter how they are taken from us, our hearts will be broken.

    Praying for you and your family.

  5. Lisa S. says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. What an awful disease. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  6. Amysings says:

    S sorry to hear you’ve suffered this experience. I’ve also watched and suffered with loved ones with Alzheimer’s. may you be blessed with peace.

  7. Nancy Fair says:

    Debra, I am praying for comfort for you and your family in the loss of your mom. I hope that your memories of her will be of when she was strong and healthy.

  8. Barbara Vogt says:

    I am so sorry to hear that Debra. This is a terrible disease! My prayers are with you and your family.

  9. Brenda in IN says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your mothers passing. This is a terrible disease that we have no cure for. I hope your memories of happier times with her sustain you through this. My prayers are with you.

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