Tuesday Tip: Aligning images in scallop punches

One of the things I love about the Stampin’ Up! Bold Snowflake image is that it’s designed for the Blossom Punch.  Yes!

And there are quite a few image/punch pairs that are current, some of which use a scallop punch.  Although Blossom isn’t a scallop circle, these tips equally apply:

When you stamp the image, make sure it faces the same way as the punch (you’ll see it in the next photo).  In this case, if I had stamped the image so that there wasn’t one “arm” pointing down, I would have had to turn the paper and probably trim a corner to fit in the punch.  That’s happened to you, hasn’t it?

When you start to line up the image in the punch, only look at two “scallops”:  the one at the bottom and the one directly opposite it (yes, at the top).  If those two are lined up, the rest will fall into place.  In the old days, I would line up each scallop, and by the time I moved around the image, the first one would be off.  This works!

Beautiful job!

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