The Christmas gift that changed my life

No, that’s not an overstatement.  I told this story the other night to my side- and downlines.  I’ll tell it one more time.

It was more than 10 years ago when my older sister gave me a large rotary paper cutter for Christmas.  It turned me into a real paper crafter.  Until then if I was making a card (computer-generated) I would measure the half-way point of each long side of card stock, draw a pencil line with a ruler, and cut it by hand.  Scoring?  Never heard of it.

I replaced that cutter after the blade mechanism wobbled too much for any sort of accuracy, and wore out the next one, too.

But the true “gift” was using a real tool — the right tool for the right job, as a friend’s electrician husband is fond of saying.  (She uses that to justify all sorts of purchases!)

My friend Jill is putting together a craft box for a young girl who’s shown interest in her stamping.  The box is getting full of old Stampin’ Up! ink pads and retired stamp sets.  Imagine the joy inside that box!

Have you ever fostered someone’s creativity in some way like this?  What was the outcome?

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3 Responses to The Christmas gift that changed my life

  1. Linda Ressetar says:

    I have been donating all my old pads and wood stamps to my 3 yr old Grand Daughters pre-school (1st Lutheran) . The teachers get so excited when I come in with a bag ! They tell me the stuff I am donating is better than the stuff they can afford to buy . How sad is that ? I love that all my no longer used craft items will get lovingly used by a whole new group…all 3-4 year olds !!

  2. Karen Taylor says:

    Debra, Jill is doing a fantastic thing! Supplies for paper crafts are pretty expensive, especially if you are on a fixed income.

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