Tuesday Tip: Generation stamping

In yesterday’s post, I promised a tip on generation stamping  — not stamping with your children or grandmother (although I encourage that!), but inking a stamp and making more than one impression with the same inking.

When I first learned to stamp, I inked up the stamp and stamped once (first generation), then stamped again without re-inking for the second generation.  The second (lighter) impression gives the sense of distance, as in yesterday’s card.

However, there’s a problem when your first generation impression is stamped partially off the card stock, like this:

Debra Burgin Generation stamping #1You can see that the bottom of the tree will “bleed” off the bottom of the card stock panel.  If I stamp again without re-inking, this is what will result (shown on a scrap of paper because I wanted to finish this panel!):

Debra Burgin Generation stamping #2As you can see, the ink was not transferred evenly during stamping; where the stamp bridged the card stock, there is a line of ink (you also see it on the right side).  This is probably not what you want, and I’m pretty sure you’ll have to start the panel over.

Instead, whenever you want a second-generation impression, ink the stamp, then stamp on your Grid Paper (or scratch paper) so that the ink is removed evenly.  Then stamp the remaining ink on the panel.  You can even stamp off twice to get a third-generation impression.

This is an extra step when stamping, but the result is much superior!

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