Tuesday Tip: Crystal Effects

Here’s something I missed:  Stampin’ Up! has redesigned the bottle of its Crystal Effects, a product I love with my teeth clenched.  Why?  Because more times than not the tip is clogged when I’m ready to use it.  After much pin- and needle-stabbing, the tips of my bottles look like someone has been chewing on them.  You may be able to see from the picture above that something’s different, but check this out:

Can you see it?  The cap has a feature that encloses the tip completely and tightly, apparently preventing air from getting in the tip.  (And that’s the culprit, isn’t it?)  And so I’ve treated myself to a fresh new bottle with high hopes!  You can, too — but don’t be surprised when the online image doesn’t look like the new and improved version!


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