Fall faux postage

Debra Burgin Fall Faux PostageLots of tidying up going on in my world.  Really, why am I holding on to a raincoat (a what?) that my husband bought me a few decades ago?  A lovely gemstone set in gold would be so much more romantic, and take up less space, too.

So the raincoat has been washed, along with some other outerwear, and is set to be dropped off at the Salvation Army.

But I’m also looking at some of the files on my computer.  I have every piece of teaching and training material I’ve used in the last 20+ years, including for programs that don’t even exist any more.  Just because I have the storage, should I keep the files?  The answer is no, and the next time I have too much time on my hands, maybe I’ll tackle that little project, too.

Anyway, I did run across a picture of this card, which I made (or at least photographed) five years ago.  (Was a first-class stamp only 37¢ five years ago?)  It was my Thanksgiving card.  The faux postage, the gold embossing of the leaves, the sponging — I still love it.

You can read more about my faux postage technique HERE.

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