Kiss, kiss

Debra Burgin 2012 anniversaryAs he has every September 19 for years, with just a minor variation, last night DH asked me, “What were you doing 26 years ago tonight?”  And as usual, I replied, “Hemming my wedding gown.”  That still makes him laugh, 26 years later, because he knows me all too well.  And still loves me, I guess.

This is his anniversary card this year — an old one from my stash, I’m almost ashamed to say, except that it’s been one of my favorites and I can’t think of a better recipient or better occasion!  It’s a joy fold card — hopefully you can understand its construction from this picture.  I’m looking forward to presenting another version at Super Saturday in another month.  I love this design!

As for the components of this card, well, several are retired.  I hope you can substitute what you have to create something similar!

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One Response to Kiss, kiss

  1. sue says:

    I was thinking about your anniversary while I was showering this morning! Amazing that it is that long ago already. I love the simplicity of this card and the impact of the green against brown paper.

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