Tuesday Tip: Flag it!

You needn’t go past the cover of the Stampin’ Up! Annual Catalog to get the sense that strips of paper with V-notched ends are everywhere in the world of paper crafting.  What do you call that, anyway?  Is is a flag (p. 23) or a banner (p. 14)? And what do you call that notched end?  Is it a swallow tail or a fish tail?

I’ll bet we can agree that it doesn’t matter what words you use, just that you use this design element!  Here’s an easy, almost-no-measuring way to get that V:

I cut my DSP strip 1″ wide to make this simpler, then I placed it on my Grid Paper so that an inch mark (here 8″, the center of the paper) is in the middle of the strip.

Debra Burgin Flag #1I’m sorry this next photo is blurry — especially sorry since it’s the most important step!  Cut straight up from the middle of the short end.  It doesn’t make that much difference how far up you cut, but you could use the grids if you want to be precise.  Most important is a straight cut.

Debra Burgin Flag #2Now cut from one corner to the top of the center cut you just made.

Debra Burgin Flag #3Repeat on the other corner.

Debra Burgin Flag #4Done!  Now if you’re using several of these flags on your project, put this one on top of an un-notched one and cut, using this one as a pattern.  (No need to trace the V, just hold in place and cut.)

Debra Burgin Flag #5Tomorrow I’ll show you a three-flag card I made using this one.  See you then!

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