Tuesday Tip: And the point is …

Debra Burgin Sharpen your poker!Last week when I made one of my blog hop cards, I used the new Stampin’ Pierce Mat and Essentials Paper-Piercing Mat.  I wasn’t too happy with the results — not because of those two items, but because I was using a retired paper-piercing tool, or what we call a “pokey tool.”  And the specific problem was that it had a little burr at the end that caught in the pad, causing it to poke rather than pierce.  Simply, the tip wasn’t sharp.

You can see the result in the pad, above.  The horizontal lines of holes show that my piercing tool was poking the red card stock out and into the pad.  The more vertical line of holes was made after I sharpened the point of the piercing tool on a piece of sandpaper.

Keep it sharp!

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