Tuesday Tip: The two-heads thing

Do you always stamp alone?  I’d like to suggest that you take an evening and invite someone over to your creatin’ cave.  Tell them not to bring anything except ideas; you’ll provide the supplies.

Probably ten years ago, when I was first starting to scrapbook, I stayed with my sister while I attended a Creating Keepsakes conference.  After the first day’s classes, I came back to her house with my head bursting with ideas.  We played way into the night, making one card after another.  Let’s try this technique.  What if we did this?  Do you have any … ?

There was, as I recall, a large quantity of Diet Pepsi flowing and some out-of-control laughter that made us worry about the neighbors.  Not everything we did was worthy of being saved.  Some ideas didn’t make it to the execution stage.  But the next day we took a picture of every card we made.  It was impressive.

It was fun to work together, especially to bounce ideas off each other.  It happened to me just yesterday, when a stamper came over to talk about something she does for a charity, and her ideas to make it better.  In no time at all we had a terrific product that she was so excited about showing the group.

Work together every so often.  You’ll both benefit.

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