We have a winner!

Funny thing about Fridays in this household when I teach in the morning and have stamp camp in the afternoon:  very little else gets done.  And so it was that I didn’t get to the bank until this morning.

I like my bank.  They like me.  They didn’t think it was strange to hold a contest like this.  But there were a few snags:  (1) the printer was running out of ribbon (how last-century is that?) and (2) the teller pulled out the three dollar bills before dumping the change into the counting machine (of course).  So the total is actually


The teller offered to change the total and initial the slip, but I assured him that you would trust me.

And the winner is Carol Bradley, with the closest guess at $71.69.  I’ve sent you an email asking for your mailing address so I can get the Stampin’ Write Markers in the mail to you!

Thanks for playing, everyone!

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